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                                          How a Physicist Helped Create a Psychiatrist I was anxious as an adolescent. I was 15 years old and had no idea what I was going to become in the future. In truth, I had some suspicions, but these were dreams and did not seem likely to come to fruition, ever. Moreover, my older brother, 2 1/2 years my elder, was already an accomplished scientist, as it were. He had spent many years learning chemistry on his own, and  had already taught chemistry to his high school class as a kind of adjunct teacher on weekends. His career path was already in cement. I, on the other hand ,had no future guideposts to speak of. One particularly anxious evening, I went to see my brother in his garret bedroom. He and I were quite close throughout our childhood. I looked to my older brother as a teacher and as a guide. I shared with him my angst over a future I could not begin to discern. He listened supportively, but said little until I was done with my catharsis.